Carolyn Faulkner

Fine Art

About The Artist

Recognized in the Washington, DC area as a surrealistic painter, in addition to a mixed-media sculptor and an art educator for over 20 years, Carolyn returned to her native North Carolina to continue her creative lifestyle.

Using bright acrylic colors and frequently mixed-media, Carolyn brings her own imaginative interpretations of birds, nature, and her love of the sea and sky to the canvas. Nationally recognized artists and museum curators have juried her works for inclusion in national shows.

Mannequin Series

Creating a backdrop with the canvas, I incorporate the wooden mannequins to bring more life to the overall artwork. The figures express emotion and movement taking on a life of their own. The platform adds more depth while allowing the 3-D figures to cast shadows. These vary throughout the day as the light source changes. Multiple canvases are sometimes used together to create even more dimension. The figures become unique as each plays its own role in the story.

Pop Art

Pop Art is known for representing pop culture. Everyday objects that everyone is familiar with such as Andy Warhol’s Campbell soup cans. At times social statements are made by artists. My Pop Art is a combination of both. I make   social statements in some of my works that adults will understand. I had both children and adults in mind when I created these pieces as both can relate to them in some way.


These works are painted on the canvas with no found objects or additional canvases attached. They are approached in a more traditional manner.


Objects are used on the canvas as extensions to bring a more 3-dimensional element to the work. These objects create shadows yet solidity to the pieces.


With a background in sculpture I will occasionally produce a three-dimensional piece. I continue to use 3-D concepts in my paintings with multi-level canvases, platforms and 3-D objects incorporated.

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